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SHU Social Media Guidelines

The SHU has issued Social Media Guidelines which you can download from here or from the SHU's website. If you are a user of Twitter, Facebook or other Social Media, then please have a look at them as they outline how we make sure we make good and proper use of these very important tools without causing offence or distress to others.

Probably the most important piece of advice is THINK before you hit the send button.

Dumfries Hockey Club Documents

Cancellation Procedure

The club has a cancellation procedure in case the pitch at KGV is unplayable, for example is frozen or waterlogged. The procedure is as follows;

An email will be sent to all of those who have submitted an email address.

A post will be made on the Club's Facebook page.

The website will also be updated. Could ALL players/parents please check these information points PRIOR to setting off.

Club Office Bearers

President: Gladys McClymont
Vice-President: Sandy Rennie
Hon. Secretary: Scott Anderson
Treasurer: Beth Sloan
Match Secretary: Mark Paterson
Youth Secretary: TBC
Membership Secretary: Angela Beattie
Club Coach: Sandy Rennie
CPOs: Amy Niven & TBC
Mens 1s captain: Ryan Johnston
Mens 1s vice captain: Robbie Huxtable
Mens 2s captain: Scott Anderson
Mens 2s vice captain: Willie Milne
Ladies 1s captain: Michelle Cravens
Ladies 1s vice captain: Vicky Johnstone
Ladies 2s captain: TBC
Ladies 2s vice captain: TBC
Media Convenor: Erin McGinley
Social Convenors: Ross Mair, Hannah Mather, Mary Ann Bell-Irving
Fundraising Co-ordinator: TBC
Summer League Convenor: TBC

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