End of Season Awards

On Friday the Club End of Season awards at the Edenbank - Below list of the award winners

PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2018 – Vicky Johnstone
PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2018 – Beth Sloan
U18 PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2018 – Philippa Howie

PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2018 – Penny Milne
U18 PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2018 – Ella Houliston

PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2018 – Steven Harper
CAPTAIN’S PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2018 – Robbie Huxtable
U18 PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2018 – Hamish Anderson

PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2018 – Kai Palmer
CAPTAIN’S PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2018 – Archie Kershaw
U18 PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2018 – Andrew Milne

April/May Newsletter

END-OF-SEASON NIGHT OUT: 7 pm on Friday 11 May at Edenbank Hotel – menu choices should have been given to captains/team reps, and payment should have been made to captains/team reps. All information to be passed on to Michelle to be given to the Edenbank. Payment will be made by Club cheque on the night.

END-OF-SEASON AWARDS: Each team should have voted on:

Players’ Player of the Season; U18 Player of the Season; Captain’s Player of the Season. Also, certificates will be given for “Smiley Awards” – nominations/categories to team captain and on to Gladys.

TRAINING: Youths: to continue to the end of May – 5.30-6.30 pm on a Tuesday, at KGV. Men – booking changed to 6.30-9.30 pm on a Tuesday in May (to accommodate 2 summer league games when it starts) – open to all at the beginning of May until the start of summer league. Women – Wednesday training stopped at the end of April.

Sandy may be organising some goalkeeping coaching at Thornhill over the next few months. All goalkeepers and anyone interested in playing in goal should contact Sandy.

GOALKEEPING KIT: We are doing an inventory of Club goalkeeping kit. If anyone has goalkeeping kit which belongs to the club – it may be lying in a shed because it wasn’t being used – please bring it along on a Tuesday in May. Goalkeepers are asked to give a list and description of any club kit which they have – again, please bring this along on a Tuesday in May or email it to Sandy or myself.

MEMBERSHIPS: All Standing Order payments should continue until July, when any “new” memberships will come into play. If, for any reason, anybody is in arrears with their fees for 2017/2018, payment can be made into the club bank account: Bank of Scotland; Sort Code 80-11-60; Bank Account 00269037.

SUMMER LEAGUE: Sandy Rennie is organising summer league.

Summer league is not part of Club membership, and will cost everyone £3 per game played. Summer League will start on Tuesday 15 May with games at 1900 hours and 2000 hours.

UMPIRING: I am intending to umpire during summer league, and coach those awaiting sitting the second part of their Level 1 Umpiring. Those in that category are: Scott; Willie; Michelle; Amy; Beth; Morven; Erin; Penny; Robert – once summer league is finalised, please let me know which team you are playing in and, where possible, you will help umpire the other game on that night – however, it would also be helpful to know of any Tuesdays which you definitely cannot do. Also, other regular Dumfries team players who do not have an umpiring qualification should also volunteer to umpire the second game on any night when they have a summer league game. We are 2 down on umpires for next season, and so the more of you who aim for your qualification, the less the strain on the current umpires.

CASUAL MEMBERSHIP: All non-members playing in the summer league will be asked to complete a casual membership form and pay £15. This will cover insurance, and get casual registration with Scottish Hockey.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: The Club’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 24 May at 6.30 pm at Dumfries Sports Club, Nunholm Road, Dumfries. I am also enclosing a notice and agenda for this meeting. All very welcome to attend, although voting is restricted to full members and over 16s. Please do your best to attend the AGM, and volunteer to help on committee in 2018-2019.

WOMEN’S WEST DISTRICT EGM: Tuesday 15 May 2018 at 1845 hours in the Glasgow National Hockey Centre – the presentation of an updated Constitution to the clubs.

WOMEN’S WEST DISTRICT AGM: Tuesday 15 May 2018 at 1915 hours in the Glasgow National Hockey Centre.

MEN’S WEST DISTRICT AGM: Tuesday 22 May 2018 at 1900 hours at the National Hockey Centre, Glasgow

WOMEN’S INTER-DISTRICT 035s HOCKEY TOURNAMENT: Saturday 2 June 2018 at Meggetland, Colinton Road, Craiglockhart, Edinburgh EH14 1AS – play likely to be from 1000-1600 hours. It is likely that 2 team will be entered – one from West and one from South-West. Please let Chris Macdonald know by 13 May if you are interested in going – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (0141 339 0175)

WOMEN’S WEST DISTRICT ENTRY 2018-2019: It is planned that the District League will start on Saturday 1 September, and they aim to avoid dates between 1 December and 12 January, and finish the main fixtures by the end of March (leaving April for rearrangements). Easter is not until 20/21 April 2019, and so does not impinge on the main fixtures. West District Cup dates will be set to avoid any dates which clash with SH competitions. We are being asked to give a note of any weekends where we know that a team cannot play, eg a school holiday or a club wedding etc. Please email any dates which might cause you a problem, and we can see if a team might be affected – even if you say “the October holidays”, for example. Does anyone have any more considerations eg an even balance of Home and Away fixtures … ?

MEN’S WEST DISTRICT AGM: Tuesday 22 May 2018 at 1900 hours at the National Hockey Centre, Glasgow.

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